Knowledge Hub

The “Knowledge Hub” will be manned each day by Cornwall Business Forum “Executive Members” who have shown their support and demonstrated their skills and willingness to help others by regularly contributing to the member events.

Here’s what The Knowledge Hub brought to the show in 2018:



With approaching 10,000 member businesses, Cornwall Business Forum is uniquely placed to understand the very special nature of the business community in Cornwall. It is also uniquely able to deliver its aim to create opportunities for every member business in line with their needs and ambitions.

Not only is Cornwall a destination for “Poldark and Pasties” it is perhaps through necessity also a place rich with technical skills and innovative people trading positively around the world. Brand Cornwall is strong and getting stronger.

In the short series of talks that were delivered at the Knowledge Hub during the show, they focused on Cornwall as a destination, some topical subjects that are a challenge to all and some innovative international solutions to those problems being developed and sold across the UK and far beyond from our little peninsula. There were presentations from:-

Visit Cornwall – The multi award winning organisation charged with promoting the tourism industry in Cornwall, whose success has improved business life for very many visitors and exhibitors at the show either directly or indirectly. We learnt what has been achieved and the opportunities that exist as a result.

Cornish Marketing Consultancy – Belinda Shipp headed the marketing drive of one of Cornwall’s finest brands for the last nine years – Rodda’s Creamery. Recently having set up on her own as an independent marketing consultancy, her talk helped us understand how to brand for business growth, giving actionable insights to help develop brands that attract loyal customers.

Gydeline – Following two years of development Gydeline have developed a online system to make compliance simple. The biggest compliance topic of the day is GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulations) that come into force in May 2018. There is a lot of information and misinformation circulating about the legislation which is making some panic and others put their heads in the sand. Gydeline exploded some myths and showed how you can make compliance simple even with the unknown parts of GDPR.

Cornwall Business Forum (CBF) / The Knowledge Hub – After building a mass membership of businesses over the past 6 years and running hundreds of events from Penzance to Saltash, CBF has met some amazing talents and businesses in Cornwall. Linking into the GDPR topic they demonstrated how a topic that looks like a significant challenge, can be turned into an opportunity.